Confirmation Assignment

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Here is your question for this week.   Get it to me at WITH your name by April first.   Then another one that will be do on April 8th will on this page by April 6th,

Using the Ten Commandments, Gifts of the Spirit, and the Seven Capital Sins, please analyze the following.

Sarah and Emily used to be very close friends.  Since going to high school they have gone in different directions with groups of friends.  Over the weekend Sarah heard some bad things from her new friends about Emily.  On Monday Sarah shares the new gossip with her classmates in Study Hall and Lunch.  What are your thoughts on her behavior?  How do the 10 C’s, GofS and 7CapSins come into play.  Why do you think Sarah is doing this?   Do you see this ever at your school?

Confirmation Assignment # 2
Please remember to put your name on the paper AND reference the pertinent Religious Information that is important.   Just giving me your opinion is not enough.  
In this time of restrictions due to COVID  pandemic how can the 10 C’s, The Beatitudes, Gifts of the HS, and Fruits of the HS be a guide to how you should be living your life now.  Give me examples on how these points can help you help yourself and others.